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What Is The Legacy Organizer?

The Legacy Organizer is not a financial or legal document.  It is a planning system.  It is designed to help you get your financial house in order by organizing and documenting your wishes, assets, and the "paper trail" you create in your lifetime.

  • Provide needed information at a time of grief, stress and confusion 
  • Minimize mistakes and guesswork 
  • Prepare the important people in your life so nothing important falls through the cracks.

The Legacy Organizer is a gift of clarity you give to your loved ones, beneficiaries, and your executor or trustee. This planning tool organizes the 'paper trail’ you create over your lifetime. It attaches your ‘voice,’ giving your loved ones the insight and direction they will need if you pass away or become incapacitated. It is an indispensable planning tool, allowing you to enhance your existing legal planning and legacy documents by filling in the gaps that are often forgotten, answering unspoken questions, eliminating guesswork, and minimizing conflicts, which often occurs when a person leaves the planet without a plan.