July 4


Happy July 4th!

Wishing all of you a safe, happy July 4th celebration.  Today is one of my favorite holidays as it brings back lots of happy memories.  As a child, I participated in our neighborhood's July 4th parade with my siblings and friends.  As we got older our children enjoyed continuing the tradition.  On several occasions, the float we created for our kids won first prize.  I don't recall any value other than bragging rights!  Passing the torch to the next generation and continuing the involvement with our hometown neighborhood was something that gave my parents a great deal of pleasure.Old Glory

If you are gathering with family and friends, or just enjoying some quiet time on a beautiful summer day, enjoy yourself and take a moment to think of the many brave men and women serving our country in places all over the globe.  Members of the armed forces place themselves in harms way and make many personal sacrifices so we can enjoy days like today.  With an attitude of gratitude I wish to thank the members of the armed forces, past and present.  God bless and stay safe.

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