June 20


Does your financial advisor have your back?  The folks at Investopedia paid me a visit recently and asked me to share how working with a financial advisor helps folks achieve their money goals. As a Certified Money Coach and Financial Advisor, I empower women with smart money strategies so they learn to build wealth and manage money. By working together, clients are empowered and confident they can stand on their own two feet, free from “what if” worries. In this video, you will hear how I help my clients create a healthy relationship with money by using behavioral and practical money tools.  Click on the photo above to watch the video of my interview.  Take a peek, do any questions come to mind?  Please share, I'd like to know what you are thinking!

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Investopedia is a website that offers financial education to the public.  It is a free resource where financial advisors like myself volunteer their expertise and answer questions sent in by the public. I've had a lot of fun answering questions and posting articles for them.  Want to learn more?  click here to follow me on Investopedia!
As always, thank you for your friendship and business!

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