Do You Need A Coach?

Do You Need A Life Coach?

The proposal requests for folks on Linkedin looking for a life coach are pouring in. This tells me there are a lot of individuals that want more out of life and feel coaching is the answer. I thought I’d take the opportunity to debunk coaching and shed light on what a coaching client might realistically expect from their coaching relationship. Specifically, I’ll answer the big question – what is a Wealth Coach, and how can one help me?

What Is A Wealth Coach?

A wealth coach combines basic financial planning with life coaching. Clients are shown how to implement financial wellness strategies designed to transform their life into one of purpose, intention, and happiness. To provide context, I want to share the inspiring story of Sally (not her real name). Sally is a Gen-X executive who’s single by choice. She has a demanding career that she loves. She came to me because she questioned if her “ladder” was leaning against the right wall. After spending so much of her life climbing the proverbial corporate ladder, she found herself asking “is that all there is?”

Where We Began

Before Sally began her wealth coaching journey, she found herself stressed about her finances. As someone in the top 10% of earners in the country, she worried that she wasn’t further along financially. Her concerns hit a peak when a colleague became seriously ill and unable to work. What if that’s me? She’d ask herself. Since she only had to take care of herself, she didn’t pay attention to her spending, saving, or investing habits. Her colleague's illness was Sally's wake-up call to developing a better relationship with money.

With the support and guidance of her wealth coach, Sally began to challenge her money beliefs and rewrite her financial narrative. Together, they worked on identifying and reframing her limiting beliefs, such as "easy come, easy go" or "managing money is stressful." Through introspection and powerful coaching exercises, Sally discovered that her mindset held the key to unlocking her sense of purpose and fullfillment.

The "Ah-Hah" Moment

I knew Sally’s mindset was shifting when she said “I’m aware that I have no trouble making money. What I really want is to make a difference.” Prior to working together, Sally viewed budgeting as restrictive and frustrating, often associating it with deprivation. Wealth Coaching helped her reframe her mindset. Today Sally is on a mission to align her spending with her goals and dreams. She discovered that being a good steward of her wealth is empowering. 

The Transformation

Now, Sally is a testament to the transformative power of aligning passion, purpose, and wealth by using financial wellness and life coaching techniques. She has uncovered her true potential and continues to create a meaningful legacy that will impact generations to come.

If you're ready to break free from limiting beliefs to create the big, bold, life you’re dreaming about your time is now. Put yourself first. Invest in yourself and seek the guidance of a trusted wealth coach. Together, you can embark on a transformational journey towards financial empowerment, abundance, and freedom.

Here’s to a life of purpose, abundance, and joy!

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About the author 

Therese Nicklas

Therese Nicklas is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Certified Money Coach(CMC)®, and Certified Success Principles™ Coach. She specializes in helping executive women who are at a crossroads and feel uncertain about their next steps. By empowering them with smart money strategies, they learn how to build their new big, bold life with certainty, clarity, and confidence. She is passionate about inspiring women to design a fulfilled, intentional life. “True wealth – true financial freedom – is being free to focus on the things that matter most to you – what money can’t buy.” Her motto – “live your life by design and not by default”.

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