Do You Know The Cost Of Divorce?

divorce literacy interview

I had no idea divorce lending was a thing until I was invited to participate on the Divorce Lending Association's podcast! In my experience, I've seen women stay in bad situations where they are miserable (or worse) because they don't have a clear picture of their financial options. If you or someone you love is in that place, I encourage you to check out The Divorce Lending Association's services. 

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About the author 

Therese Nicklas

Therese Nicklas is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Certified Money Coach(CMC)®, and Certified Success Principles™ Coach. She specializes in helping executive women who are at a crossroads and feel uncertain about their next steps. By empowering them with smart money strategies, they learn how to build their new big, bold life with certainty, clarity, and confidence. She is passionate about inspiring women to design a fulfilled, intentional life. “True wealth – true financial freedom – is being free to focus on the things that matter most to you – what money can’t buy.” Her motto – “live your life by design and not by default”.

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