July 13


If this happens to you, it's time for professional guidance.

“So, when should we get together again?”  After wrapping up a Portfolio Review or Financial Planning session, this is the question I get asked most often.  When to call your Financial Advisor outside of scheduled meetings depends on what is going on in your life.  The answer will be different for everyone.  Here are 3 common events where getting professional, objective advice will be in your best interest.

You’re faced with a major, unplanned for expense.

You set aside money for a child’s college education, and they want to go to a school that is outside of your budget.  Or, at the 11th hour, you determine a private, pricey high school is needed to help them get into a top tier college.  Sudden major expenses can be tricky to navigate.  Choosing the wrong option to fund the expense can be very costly.  For example, liquidating the wrong portfolio may create a sizable tax bill and make the problem worse.  Your Financial Advisor can provide guidance that is unemotional and help you discern the best way to fund this event.

You’re thinking about retirement.

“Can I afford it” you ask.  What is an RMD?  How long will my savings last?  If you have these questions in your head, it is best to speak with a Financial Advisor.  They will not only help you understand how long your money will last, but help you envision what your days will look like as a retired person, and what that new lifestyle will cost.  Rather than worrying about all the “what ifs” associated with this change, your Financial Advisor can show you what adjustments need to be made now and give you peace of mind so you can enjoy this special phase of life.

You’ve got big dreams.

Let’s say you’ve dreamed for years about solving a major world problem.  You want to retire at 55 and start a foundation.  A Financial Advisor that specializes in “holistic” financial planning can help you by creating a plan focused on the legacy you want to create.  Taking a holistic approach to financial planning means you and your advisor look beyond the numbers.  Together you map out a plan that involves your personal goals and life purpose.  The comprehensive plan you create together defines your personal story and what you believe your money is for.

There is a significant benefit to building a relationship with your Financial Advisor where you feel comfortable calling them when financial questions arise.  Sometimes when we are facing big questions that involve money, it is easy to get sidetracked by emotion.  A Financial Advisor’s role is to look at your challenge from a variety of angles.  Their objective guidance is unbiased – free of judgement, shame or guilt.  Having someone at your side that has your back, guiding you with logic, will save you from making costly mistakes.  You will sleep better at night, confident you are going in the right direction.

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