August 27


Get Out And Enjoy The Last Few Drops Of Summer!

In the Boston, Massachusetts area summers are short and winters too long. There is still time left for a little summer self-care. Unplug your phone, recharge your mind and take in a change of scenery.  A break from your routine can help you return renewed, refreshed and energized.

The summer months are traditionally the most active for vacation travel.  Here are 7 ways you can save money on your next vacation.   Why not get most out of the final summer days and enjoy your next travel experience.  One of my favorite activities is planning a trip!  I love to travel, and it's even better when I find a great bargain.  Here are a few tips to save money travelling and make your next excursion as enjoyable as possible.

  • July and August are the most popular months in New England for a trip to the seashore and the most expensive. Consider early September as an alternative.  The weather can be very pleasant, the beaches are less crowded, cottage rentals and hotels are less expensive.  If you are the type that enjoys a walk along the beach more than a dip in the ocean, this time of year can be perfect for a seaside getaway and save money!
  • save money on vacationCheck out last minute travel deals to save money. Resort areas that depend on summer rentals don’t want to end the season with vacancies.  If you can be flexible with your dates, you may score a great deal.
  • And speaking of flexibility, consider travelling mid-week instead of on the weekend. Folks that take advantage of a mid-week getaway often enjoy deep discounts on their airfare and hotel stays.
  • Home-sharing sites are gaining popularity for good reason. Check out, and  You will find some interesting options to traditional hotel stays and save money at the same time.  Of course, do your homework.  Look at reviews and ask for references or referrals from someone you trust.
  • Another popular option house swapping. While you are enjoying a stay in a quaint Irish cottage, the homeowner can be vacationing in yours.  Check out this article by Rick Steves for more information on this popular trend for saving money on international travel.
  • Before you go, look into the “off the beaten path” options for your destination. Pick up a guidebook that is unbiased and objective.  Look for one that provides travel tips that show you how to make the most of exploring your destination while avoiding common tourist traps.  Plan excursions ahead of time to avoid wasting precious vacation moments.  Knowing where to go and how to get there makes your trip relaxing and fun.
  • If you are a “foodie” and love trying new cuisines, go where the locals go. You will usually find the best food at the best prices.

Increased airport security and other factors can be a wet blanket on even the most anticipated travel experience.  To make your globe-trekking event as stress-free as possible, be sure to pace yourself.  Give yourself plenty of time to get from point A to point B.  A vacation shouldn’t feel like a race.  Be sure to factor in down time in between adventures.  Going at a comfortable pace will give you a nice balance between experience enrichment and your much-needed R & R.  Knowing you made your vacation affordable by finding ways to save money while travelling enhances the experience.  Enjoy!

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