August 1


So, you are thinking of changing your address, congratulations!  Buying a home, whether you are upgrading, downsizing or buying your first place will probably be the largest purchase you will make, and the most emotional.  If you are considering making a move because of a major life change like a job relocation, loss of your spouse or a divorce, staying on top of the details is even more challenging.  As hard as we try to stay logical, we are buying a home.  So how do we keep our emotions in check?  What should we focus on?  Please click here to watch this video featuring professional Realtor® Melissa Garlisi of Keller Williams Realty in Braintree Massachusetts.  She points out some important things you should consider before signing on the dotted line.  Getting good quality advice is essential when making big financial decisions.  The time you spend working with a professional can save you many hours of heartache.

Shoulda, coulda, woulda is not the best use of your time, don't you agree?  If you've been homedown this road already, please share your experience by clicking here.  What was the best move you made regarding a home purchase?  Are you willing to help someone else avoid a landmine?  Then share your horror story here!


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