wealth coaching

a goal is a dream with a deadline.  let me show you how to create the lifestyle of your dreams.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

You make decisions every day.  Do you know how financial wellness effects your decisions?

objective advice

 I want you to feel confident you are making smart money choices that will enable you to maintain your lifestyle in any situation. Because that is financial freedom! 

a dedicated wealth coach

You don't have to walk this journey alone.  You'll learn simple, clear strategies you can apply with your eyes closed. And with your wealth coach at your side, showing you how to do it.  

hands-on guidance

I hold your hand while keeping you accountable to implementing the steps so you attain your desired outcome.  Helping you create your big, bold, life isn't a job for me, it is my calling.

ready to transform your LIFE?

it starts with your money mindset

Did you know conflicts with money destroy more relationships and cause more anxiety than any other problem? It's unfortunate that money is still considered a taboo conversation topic.  As concern for financial security grows, folks want guidance and education to help them make smart decisions. By participating in the True Wealth Coaching Process™, you'll clarify what your ideal lifestyle means for you.  Then you get tools you need to guide you to your desired outcome. 

As a True Wealth Coach, I combine Success and Money Coaching with financial planning to help women create financial freedom and true wealth. 

  • The Success and Money Coaching process helps you become crystal clear on the life experiences you want to enjoy
  • Then we use financial planning strategies so you'll have a firm understanding on what your ideal life will cost
  • Finally, we guide you through the process of implementing the strategies - holding your hand while keeping you accountable.
  • You will have the tools you need to create your new big, bold, life with certainty, clarity and confidence.


I'm Therese Nicklas.  As a Certified Financial Planner™, Certified Money Coach(CMC)®, and Certified Success Principles™ Coach, I empower executive and entrepreneurial women with smart strategies to build a new big, bold life with certainty, clarity, and confidence. I'm passionate about inspiring women to reach their full potential by helping them design a life they love, filled with joy, purpose, and balance.

I created True Wealth Coaching™ with overworked women in mind that put themselves last.  My mission is to help women create “True Wealth” – what money can't buy - purpose, passion, and unlimited possibilities.”

How It Worked For Toni

Toni was a client I'll never forget  Working with her transformed my life.  Her story reminds me how easy it is to fall into the “someday” trap and why we need to balance living today with giving dreams a deadline. 

Toni, a single woman in her early 60s, reached out for guidance during the Covid-19 pandemic. Although she was financially secure, she lacked confidence that she saved enough money. And, she worried about the void that retirement might bring. She had no idea how she'd fill her time, until we started working together.

The True Wealth coaching process helped Toni view retirement differently. Our coaching conversations helped her envision her retirement lifestyle clearly. I encouraged her to imagine a big, bold life and slowly, she began to get excited about the prospect of retirement. With her strong financial foundation, she was in the enviable position to retire whenever she wished. She picked a date, 12 months from our conversation, and stuck to it.

Tragically, Toni passed away after a brief illness. She had a couple of wonderful years of freedom and adventure during her too short retirement.  She enjoyed pursuing her dreams and discovering joy and purpose every day.

Toni lived her life by design, not default. Although preparing for tomorrow is essential, we shouldn't forget to live today. Her inspiring journey is a reminder of the importance of creating a life of balance and “True Wealth” – what money can’t buy - purpose, passion, and unlimited possibilities.

true wealth

how am i paid?

We agree to a flat fee at the beginning of our engagement.   Wealth coaching fees are paid directly to The Wealth Coach For Women, Inc. either by check or credit card. We will review our agreement and fee every 12 months. There is no minimum time commitment, but we hope - and expect - that you will find our work together valuable enough to stay for many years.

how your fee is calculated

Your fee is based on the service package you select.   Packages start at $4,000 for individuals, $6,500 for couples, and $7,500 for business owners.  Asset Management and Comprehensive Financial Planning Services are referred to our strategic partner, Four Ponds Financial Planning.   Fees for those services can be found on the Four Ponds Financial Planning, LLC website.

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