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What Is A Wealth Coaching Circle?

  • Do you live paycheck to paycheck (or worse)?
  • Does worrying about money keep you up at night?
  • Do you fight over money?
  • Do you avoid looking at bank statements or bills?
  • Do you spend money without thinking and wonder where it went?

If you said "yes", you are in the right place.  Your Money Mindset needs an adjustment.  Join a Wealth Coaching Circle and learn how to transform your relationship with money!  The Wealth Coaching process is life-changing work where you have an opportunity to experience growth, both personally and financially.

Here's What You'll Get...


Understand your own relationship with money and why you're where you are now


Learn why your unconscious money patterns and beliefs keep you from getting the results you desire.


Learn how to break the habits that get in your way while learning new behaviors that help you move forward.


Receive step-by-step guidance to get you on the path toward creating your dream lifestyle and financial freedom.

money is energy.

It's either moving toward you, or away from you.  Money is always in motion.

A Money Coaching Circle provides a safe space for opening up about money behaviors so you can learn to release what no longer serves you.  If you are ready to make this the year you take action and put worrying about money behind you, then sign up today!  A Money Coaching Circle is a four-week group program facilitated by Therese R. Nicklas, Certified Money Coach(CMC).  This is an affordable alternative to individual coaching.  Groups consist of between 6 and 8 individuals and are held remotely by Zoom.  New groups start every month.  Interested?  Fill out the application below.  We will get in touch with your group's schedule.

Enlightened Awareness Is Empowering

why we do it

Create an enlightened level of financial confidence through education, awareness and empowerment.

deborah price- founder, money coaching institute

Coping with money issues, both practically and psychologically, continues to be a major life struggle for millions of people and yet, there is very little help available. The mission of the Money Coaching Institute is to fill this greatly needed gap by helping clients create an enlightened level of financial confidence through education, awareness and empowerment.

Our distinct coaching programs help clients transform their money mindset and learn to make better money choices. People often have unconscious patterns, beliefs and behaviors around money that prevent them from fully experiencing their true potential. Money Coaching helps you identify what's holding you back. This can result in much greater personal satisfaction, increased abundance, and enhanced success in life.

Interested in joining a Money Coaching Circle™? Please fill out the application below to let us know you're interested. We will let you know when your group will start.

After experiencing the Money Coaching Circle, you might decide to participate in the private one-on-one Money Coaching Core Process to experience a deeper transformation.

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your money archetypes

There are 8 Archetypes, and each of us have some traits from all the Archetypes. However, your top 3 Archetypes are the ones that have the most influence in your life, especially your #1 Archetype.

Each Archetype has strengths and challenges, and by examining your top 3 archetypes and how they interact with each other and show up in your life, you can discover your unique strengths with money and how to overcome your challenges. You can discover your unique path to wealth. You have one, even if you think you don’t.

Click the button below to take the Money Archetype Quiz and get your Money Profile.  Make sure to respond based on how you feel now, not in the past or future.


kudos from clients

lauren B.


Going through the Money Coaching process changed my life.  I finally learned why I have issues with money and why I kept falling into the same traps that kept me from getting out from under.  Now that I learned new habits, I'm saving money, my credit cards are paid off and I'm saving to by a home!

Lorraine L.

Chief Operating Officer

For years I wondered why I allowed people to take advantage of me, especially employers.  I knew my pay was below what I was worth, but couldn't figure out what to do about it.  I spent a lot of time and money signing up for one course after the other, thinking I needed to improve my skills to get paid better.  After going through Money Coaching, I learned I had limiting beliefs about my worth and had a sub conscious habit of under-selling myself. Now that I am aware, I don't let that happen. I learned to ask for what I am worth and significantly increased my income!


Circle One



Money Coaching Circle™ 4 Week Group Program

Circle Plus



Money Coaching Circle™ 4 Week Group Program PLUS

  • 1 Private 45 Minute Coaching Session
  • Written Plan with Inspired Action Steps to give you support and direction toward your desired outcome

Your investment is not due until your circle is formed.  Once your circle is formed and your application accepted, payment is required before the first week the program. You can pay by check or credit card.  All payments are payable to: The Wealth Coach for Women.  Please complete the Money Coaching Circle application above to get started!  

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