Ready to create financial freedom?

It's easier than you think!

Here’s some of what you’ll learn...

  • How to rewrite your money story to improve results
  • How to attain and prioritize your financial goals
  • Understand your cash flow and jump off the paycheck to paycheck hamster wheel
  • How to enjoy your lifestyle without guilt, shame or blame
  • How to build a cash cushion while balancing saving for long term goals
  • And much, much more.

I have some questions for you…

  • Do you find it hard to know how much to save toward your financial goals?
  • Do you make buying decisions based on price and not based on what you need or want?
  • Do you compare yourself to others financially and feel like you should be further along?
  • Do you understand if you are protecting yourself and your family from everyday risks?
  • Are you scared to invest your money because you don't have confidence in your knowledge or decisions?
  • Do you wish someone would teach you personal finance in a way that is easy to understand and stress-free?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, you’re not alone. In fact, I’ve helped many women with these same questions, so you are in the right place.


I'm  Therese R. Nicklas, 

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, Certified Success Principles Coach and Certified Money Coach. 

My purpose in life is to help you define your ideal life with Success Principles Coaching, and then support that with financial planning. I teach you how to identify your ideal life, know what it will cost, then manage your money so you enjoy your big, bold life.  My programs are designed to help you know what "true wealth" means to you.  You know, the things money can't buy and death won't take away.  

In other words, my mission is to make financial planning fun and easy, and help you use your money to create the life of your dreams—free from stress and anxiety about it.

In this course, you will learn what successful people think and do differently. By following the concepts in this course, you too can transform your financial results, and transform your life for good.

I get it.  Managing money can be hard.  We know what we should do with our money–spend less than we earn and save for the future.  Yet money is a complex subject -  full of emotions and learning lessons that causes many folks to run and hide.

The Emotion Of Money

Let that sink in before we begin. If you feel challenged by money, and having a conversation about it makes you uncomfortable, help is here today.  I've helped hundreds of women see money with a fresh pair of eyes, free of shame, blame or guilt. Courses on the Money Makeover platform will show you how to take the emotion out of money so managing it becomes easy and stress-free.

Ready to get started?  Click the button below to sign up today!  A year from now, you'll wish you did this much sooner!

When you decide to invest in yourself and become financially educated, you can begin to create a financial life that sounds more like this… 

  • I know how to measure my own financial success, independent of anyone else's financial situation.
  • I am confident I am prepared to handle emergencies and surprises that used to terrify me and upset my finances.
  • I know the importance of having a good credit score and actually understand how to pay down debt efficiently.
  • I understand the basics of investing, the risks involved and how to allocate my long-term money for optimal growth to help me reach my future financial goals.
  • I am confident I have the right risk management plan in place to protect my family and lifestyle in any situation. 
  • Money is a tool that helps me live my ideal life. I use it to save for my future financial goals and spend it wisely on what I value most in life, without shame, blame or emotion.

“I have tried many financial courses over the years but this ONE! This course made money simple. The toolbox was the best!”

– Samantha W. 

“This course really opened my eyes to how I truly feel about money. Now that I have changed my mindset about money, I feel like I can really conquer my money goals.”

-Roxanne M.

“I am so glad I came across the 6 Weeks to Financial Freedom course.  I was able to take my time through the course and I had all the support I needed.”

– Brittany M. 

"I have always been super anxious when it comes to money. My mindset was definitely in the wrong place to manage my money effectively. After completing the 6 Weeks to Financial Freedom Course by Therese, I now have the mindset of "I control my money, my money doesn't control me." I am so grateful to Therese for getting me to this mindset and setting me free from money anxiety! Thank you!" 

– Niki W.

What is 6 Weeks to Financial Freedom?

Six Weeks to Financial Freedom is a 6-week online home-study course, where I teach you the basics of personal finance and money management. You can think of it as the personal finance education you didn't get growing up.  As a "6 Weeks" student, you’ll have access to the members-only website, where you can access the entire course curriculum–webinars for the six modules, worksheets, audio recordings and more. You’ll learn things like:

  • How to create a new loving abundant money mindset
  • How to create meaningful financial goals
  • How much you should be saving for your financial goals every month
  • How to spend money guilt free
  • How to build a cash cushion, pay off debts, save for retirement
  • And much, much more!

And the best part is I teach it all in a fun, non-judgmental, comfortable way that actually makes sense! 

As a bonus, you’ll have access to cool video interviews with other thought leaders and game changers to help you in areas beyond your finances.

And, as a bonus, you will have access to the private 6 Weeks to Financial Freedom Facebook group to help you connect to other like-minded individuals who are also committed to improving their financial lives and living a dream life using their money. This will be an area where you can support one another and celebrate each other’s successes along your financial journeys.

How is the Financial Freedom Course delivered?

The 6 Weeks To Financial Freedom Course is a webinar-based online course where all the goodies available to you are contained in a members-only website. When you enroll today, you’ll receive INSTANT access to the entire 6 Weeks To Financial Freedom curriculum. No waiting for materials to arrive in the mail; no need to make your schedule even crazier by attending classes or workshops.

As soon as we process your payment, you’ll get immediate access to the Financial Freedom curriculum on your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone or other Internet-enabled device. How’s that for convenience!

Plus, every week for six weeks you’ll receive an email with your weekly assignments to help ensure you complete the course material and make steady progress towards your financial goals. No more starting and not finishing.

What is in the 6 Weeks To Financial Freedom Course?

Week 1

  • Discover what it means to create your perfect lifestyle.
  • Learn what blocks are standing in your way and how to remove them..
  • And so much more!

Week 2

what has to go or change?
  • Step into your true power.
  • Commit to your success.
  • Learn the one simple habit you need to develop for success.

Week 3

what's in your way?
  • Discover what "true wealth" means for you and why this is essential.
  • Learn how to create realistic, meaningful financial goals that are simple to attain
  • When you finish this module you will have a clear picture of your ideal life and lifestyle.

Week 4

your money mindset
  • Discover your money story and find out how to release any money shame.
  • How to create an abundant mentality with your money.
  • Uncover the "Money Archetype" that makes it hard for you to succeed and learn how to change it for good.

Week 5

create your personal financial plan
  • Discover how your net worth is connected to your self worth.
  • Learn how to accurately calculate your cash flow and make improvements.
  • Learn steps to improve your net worth and build wealth.

Week 6

put it all together
  • Let's make a plan!
  • Clarity is the first step toward financial freedom.
  • Get from where you are to where you want to be.

Bonus 1

The money & life playbook eBook

(Value $47)

In this amazing eBook, you will learn things like how to identify your money story, create S.M.A.R.T. financial goals, how to create a budget that's easy to live with, save for retirement and so much more.

Bonus 2

6 weeks to financial freedom toolkit

(Value $47)

All the resources you need to create your DIY Financial Plan, develop good money habits and transform your financial results and more!

Bonus 3

3 Money myths that stand between you and financial freedom

(Value $247)

There are 3 core beliefs that keep most people from enjoying financial freedom.  Learn how to blast through them and enjoy the lifestyle of your dreams!

Bonus 4

Private Facebook Group of Like-minded Women To Support You

(Value $47)

There's power in community!  Get clear, build confidence and take back control by working with your support team.

Bonus 5: Guest Expert  Interviews (Value $497)

You will also have access to Guest Expert Interviews with these amazing game changers.

From trailer park to industry titan 

Stephanie Bogan

Business Success Coach

A Widow's Story 

Donna Kendrick

financial advisor

How To Attain "True Wealth"

Mike Byrnes

marketing consultant

The time is now. After all, you found this page for a reason!

You can stop trying to figure out all this money stuff alone.  For only $497.00 you will get the direction, support and information you need to be empowered with smart money strategies!